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St Paul Methodist School (SPMS) was established in Timor-Leste by Methodist Missions Society (MMS) in 2016 to provide affordable, quality education in a Christian environment for up to 800 students from Grades 1-12. 


St Paul Methodist has adopted a bridged curriculum which is between Singapore-based curriculum and Bob Jones University (BJU) Christian-based curriculum. As the students grow in their academic knowledge of the world through this curriculum, the school desires that they will also discover the God behind all knowledge and wisdom. 

Besides the daily devotion at the start of each school day, the weekly Boys’ Brigade (BB) and Girls’ Brigade (GB) programmes remain as key platforms for character and leadership development of the students. The BB and GB Programme includes inter-squads drill competition, Bible quiz competition, worshipping God, sharing of God’s Word, inter-squads games, leadership camps and learn-a-skill modules such as learning to play the guitar or keyboard, learning praise and tambourine dance (GB), learning about lashing and orienteering, learning to play soccer(BB), etc. Through the programme, we hope to instil in discipline in the students and to develop good character through Christian education.

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First Grade 7 class established

18 students
0 local teacher


First Grade 1 class established

40 students
1 local teacher


88 students
4 local teachers


113 students
8 local teachers


167 students
12 local teachers

SPMS Study Award (in partnership with St Francis Methodist School, Singapore) 
awarded to inaugural recipient Manuel Noronha


290 students
14 local teachers

First batch of Grade 12 students graduate.

20 October
Signing of Land lease for SPMS’ permanent home in Metinaro


466 students
15 local teachers
9 teaching interns

Full 12 Grade school

17 September
SPMS Site Dedication Service

22 December
Construction of SPMS Development Project begins

(2 classroom blocks
​2 hostel
 blocks,1 admin block, 1 canteen)


605 students
18 local teachers
6 teaching interns

3 temporary locations

9 school buses 
Vocational Training (Health Care Assistant) rolled out in partnership with Trent Global College (TGC, Singapore)


Teacher training programme and certification of SPMS local teachers by TGC

Completion of 2 classroom blocks and canteen




Projected 800 students
Moving into new school compound

 Dual-track (academic & vocational) 
offered to Grade 11

Manuel begins University degree.

Completion of entire SPMS Development


4 SPMS graduands enroll in International Teachers College (ITC) in Indonesia


A purpose-driven Generation who loves God passionately and love people practically so as to make a difference
in Timor-Leste and
the nations beyond.

St Paul Methodist believes that each generation of students has a distinct purpose in God.  Through obedient service, the fulfilment of God’s purposes in their lives will bring joy and glory to God.


Serving God's Purpose in Each Generation

St Paul Methodist believes that each generation of students has a distinct purpose in God.  Through obedient service, the fulfilment of God’s purposes in their lives will bring joy and glory to God.





The Shield of Faith – Faith to extinguish all flammable arrows of the evil one

The Olive Branch of Hope – Hope to become the people of peace Christ called St Paul to be

The Christ of Love – Love to be seen as we serve one another, acknowledging Christ as the source of love.



St Paul, A School that God will Use

Music & words by Pearlyn Gan

Verse 1
In St Paul we will seek to grow
Loving God in all we do
Learning how to live our dreams
Serving all who come our ways

St Paul, St Paul a school that God will use
To bless and to serve and to fulfill His perfect will
St Paul, St Paul a school that God will use
By His power and through our faithful deeds
We'll make a difference in Timor Leste

Verse 2
In every task we undertake
We will always do our best
Even when we're faced with challenges
We will always persevere

00:00 / 01:51

May God’s Blessing Go With Us Today

Music by Pearlyn Gan

Words by David Chan (adapted from ‘Prayer’ courtesy of


Verse 1

May God’s blessing go with us today

At the end of this school term we pray

That you keep us safe and give us rest

So we’ll start again refreshed

Full of faith, full of hope

Ready to come and learn again


Verse 2

May God’s blessing go with us today

As we start the school holiday

Give your peace and joy to every child

As well to every staff

Help the teachers to enjoy the break

And prepare for the term ahead


Verse 3*

May God’s blessings await us next year

To face new challenges without fear

Fill this school with your love

And guide our hearts from above

Full of faith, full of hope

Full of joy and full of love





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